Influencers in Israel

Get the attention of the Israeli audience through its top influencers. We at PR-Online Israel produce celebrity and influencer campaigns in a variety of fields. We combine our deep knowledge of social media, public relations and reputation management to create the most effective campaigns - campaigns that will expose your brand to the specific audience of potential clients, delivering accurate messaging for best results.


Our influencer campaigns start with specifying your goals and writing the perfect brief. we know how to translate your brand’s language to a natural social media activity that will expose your brand to a wide, yet accurate audience.


We make sure to work only with the right influencers, well known and with no fake followers or problematic backgrounds. Our experience in crisis management gives us the ability to prevent crises. We take under consideration every aspect of the influencer and choose them wisely. Our extensive experience in public relations allows us to combine the influencer activity with Israeli media for maximum exposure.


When we create an influencer campaign we consider also the long term results in search engines, and we aim to deliver great results not only inside the frame of a 24 hours long Instagram story. We know your customers' route from the initial search to the final purchase and we make sure your brand’s presence is there, with a positive reputation and the right presenters.


Getting an influencer’s mention is easy, but leveraging it to a long term result is a challenge. We see the need in activities that provide benefits over time, and we know how to create them.

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